UCLA MFA (Producers Program) 1st Year AMA

Chris W

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Hi Lola215,

I have several questions:

Are you happy with the program in general? Would you go anywhere else if given the opportunity?
Do you think that what you're taught is in line with the latest trend/challenges of the industry?
Does the university help you with finding jobs and internships?

Thank you very much for your time :)

Chris W

Willem was robbed
Staff member

I’m a first year in the Producers Program. I’ve collaborated with students in the screenwriting and production departments and filter those questions as well!
I'm thinking of putting together an article on the site on something like "Film School in the time of COVID" to help current applicants and people who may be attending schools in the fall. I'd love to be able to interview you (or one of the site's writers will) about how the pandemic is currently affecting you at the school and what the school's plans are for the fall if any. Would this be something that you're interested in?

Thanks! I think it'd be a great help for the people on the site.

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