UCLA Producers Program Fall 2019

I thought I'd start a thread for the UCLA Producers Program for fall 2019. This is my first time applying (and hopefully last). Is there anyone else who applied?

Chris W

As You Wish
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Good luck peers. I hope to hear something soon. I'm constantly refreshing my email.


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According to the application tracker, I think they've already sent out invitations for fall 2019. Someone has already been interviewed
I still had hope since I noticed that they did several waves of interviews in the past and the latest interview notifications were sent out at Feb 13th. But it seems that they started interviewing earlier this year :( I guess if we haven't heard by now we're probably out. I spent the most time preparing for UCLA as compared to other schools, but ironically it's the only school I didn't get to hear back from.

Good luck to those who had their interviews!

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