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If no one's taken this on, I'd be happy to do it! Anyone know if UCLA was eventually going to create one for us? I think I read USC does that for incoming students. Otherwise I'll set it up.
I created one for us! If you PM me your FB name, I will add you :)
I think UCLA will, but they haven't quite yet.


Hey all, incoming UCLA prod/directing hombre here. You screenwriters are much more communicative than the production group. Seems like a lot of you are interested in on campus housing, but I am looking around for roommates for a 3bedroom house about $800 - $1200 depending on where we look. I'd like to stay off campus so that I can pump any extra cash into my films. Anyone interested in living off campus and saving a few shells in the process, please PM me and let's start searching!
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Finally catching up with all the new posts! I had a backlog of 900+! Congrats to everyone!

The idea of moving to LA with very few contacts and throwing myself into screenwriting is a little scary to me.
Don't be too scared. I moved out here with nothing but a ton of resumes to hand out in 2001 and I turned out fine. :)

teach me how to use this site and to like your insightful post!!
Anything else you need to know?

Thank you so much to everyone on this forum for the invaluable resource you have been so far in figuring out how to navigate this next big step.
I'm glad this forum is helpful for you!

This is my first post, but i've been following the forum diligently!
Took you long enough! ;) Thanks for signing up and I'm glad you found it helpful. :)

Hey all - first-time posting here. I'm going to UCLA for screenwriting in the fall and wanted to say hi to everyone here.
Welcome to the site!

Once again a HUGE congrats to everyone and be sure to share your experiences with everyone back here on FilmSchool.org once you've attended for a while.

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