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hey just wondering...i got the request for my first semester grades. they said that they had looked over my application and that they wanted the grades. does this mean that i have a shot depending on my grades or do they send that to everyone? thanks.


I've applied. I've been on "in review" since last Friday. I've seen a few people accepted on the site.


Congratulations, Pythondrummer!

You must be feeling pretty good right now.
I'm still hoping.

What do you think were your strengths?
Thanks Suenos. yeah it definitely feels good haha.

umm strengths, i had pretty high stats. I have a 4.04 GPA and i got a 2210 on the SAT. I wrote what i thought to be were some pretty good essays and i had a lot of stuff in my portfolio list that probably helped.

now i just have to decide between USC and Chapman. i think im leaning towards USC.

good luck to you all!


Hi Everyone!

I just received my acceptance letter to USC film production!!!!!!! : - D

I am so happy! Thank you for your support when I have posted questions. Looking forward to meeting you all in person!


hey suenos. congrats!
did it come as paper (snail) mail. or electronically?

everyone else- do you know how to check application status online? I know well probably all know a weeks time from now, but It'd be nice to double check on it.


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Congrats, Suenos!

And I only heard from USC via mail, until the advisor called to see if I was going to accept the offer...after I'd gotten my acceptance packets.


I'm looking for quiet, clean, spacious, attractive, nice location, bathroom/student ratio good. That's all.

My top three are: 1. Radisson 2. Int'l at Parkside 3. Fluor

Any comments?

Thanks, Jayimess, I am soooo excited!

Notalent, I will be freshman.

Robertish, I received the letter via snailmail.


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Haha, that's the opposite of New (though, I get to live on the cinema floor).

I'd suggest against the Radisson. The location's no good and I've heard generally bad things from friends who live there. Best bet for you would probably be Parkside. Very new, very nice, but still with lots of students around. Flour's pretty good too.


I went ahead and put Parkside first. What's the story with Radisson? It looks nice and not too far away. Is the location dangerous? Someone told me that they heard that some floors are quiet but a few are pretty loud.

Well, I hope I get Parkside now! I like the idea of it being kind of international, too.

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