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Yes that's the one. Though I am still a little confused as to why they would invite waitlisted students to that
I got invited last semester too when I was on the Fall waitlist. I think they probably do it that way so in the event that you are admitted you'll know the proper next steps to take. Last semester, quite a bit of waitlisted students attended.
I'm just crafting my PS for fall schools. I won't wait any longer I have to attend school no matter what next fall otherwise I'm gonna be too old when I graduated.🤣
and questions for those who got admitted. Do you guys read a lot reference before doing your PS or just crafting your own style? I'm kinda having a hard time to write sentence showing the emotions without using the descriptive words. How to show emotions using action?...
Just curious, have you thought about a plan B like, work, or a master degree in something else?
nope. I'm very determined, no matter what I'm gonna study film. If this time fail means I still need to improve. I'll find my film friend for suggestions to see what step should I take but worse case scenario find a simple job related to social media and apply again. But I think have back up school is good since L.A have so many resources and film schools.
I have called my friend in USC few days ago and he told me that actually for spring, is mostly prepared for people who are waitlisted for fall, so maybe that's why that spring waitlist they don't carry over for fall. Just to be safe, if you still wanna attend USC, reapply for fall, as well as other schools. Hope that helps. There are so many schools in L.A with great resources too. and I'm applying everything for fall.


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Hi, all! I just got my admission decision email today saying I am admitted off the waitlist. I am so excited! Finally I made it. Looking forward to seeing you guys in the following months. Good luck to all still waitlisted, it is frustrating but DON'T GIVE UP! Your admission is coming up!
So happy for you buddy, congratulations!
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