Hi everyone!

I just sent a letter to the Admission Office sayong that I can't attend USC this year because of my financial situation.

Hope, someone got off the wait list .
Hope to see you around next years,


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Hello everyone and congrats for those who have been accepted!
Can you give me a piece of advice on my application?
As a writing sample, I chose to write the idea of a feature film. How do think, I need to write just the synopsis or also my idea that I want to convey, what does it mean to me and other stuff like this?
Thanks a lot!

Chris W

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To those that applied last year.... Be sure to update your application in the Film School Application database with as much info as you can.

See this example application to see how you can fully utilize the system:

The more data the better to help future applicants. Thank you! 🙏

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