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If we haven’t heard back yet, did we not get in/or we’re on the waitlist? I’ve been waiting on edge because I wanna accept the MA offer already ?


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Hey USC Production folk, quick question for any of you who were admitted recently. Since the letters for many of you were released a couple weekends back, I was just wondering if any of you had gotten your physical letters in the mail yet. Just to try and figure out some type of timetable for when I should expect one. In particular, I guess I'm asking @anon522, @wknowles, @MildTabasco, @mvanderberg1, @monalisacinema, and @osmosisjonesiz.
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Did non-US applicants hear back via YouSC? Or physical letter? Has anyone received a rejection yet? Asking because I am unable to get my mail as I am traveling but hoping I find out via email YouSC first. Congrsts to everyone who got in!!!

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