USC Film & TV Production MFA Fall 2021 Applicants Unite!

Totally. A friend of mine found out he was off the waitlist 3 weeks before classes started.
Did he have the option to turn down the fall and keep his spring spot? Now that I've been accepted for spring, I'm filling in my Fall plans and it would kinda be chaotic to cancel everything last minute


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Hi all just in case this is useful information for some of you - I contacted admissions regarding scholarships and they said: “We are hoping to get all scholarship notifications out before the 4/15 commitment deadline”.
So sounds like there could be some more waiting before all of them are given out.

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Just out of curiosity, does anyone have any ideas for this year SCA’s acceptance rate? Or like how many applicants it had? It seems like this year has more applicants than the past years...
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Be sure to update your applications on the with as much information as you have as it helps the site calculate a lot of important data for each school. See how the site uses this amazing data in the article below:

Your Chances of Getting into Film School: Acceptance Rates, GPA Requirements, Waitlist Data, and More...

Your Chances of Getting into Film School: Acceptance Rates, GPA Requirements, Waitlist Data, and More...

You've been wondering how hard it is to get into film school and what your are chances getting into top film programs such as USC. Maybe you’ve heard that their acceptance rate is 2% — but what is it, really? You've been wondering what is the lowest GPA a film program will accept and what is the...

If you could update your application with all the important notification dates, your final status (accepted, rejected, off waitlist, attending... etc), how much scholarship money was awarded (if any), your undergraduate degree, GPA, test scores etc that would be AWESOME and very helpful to the site's members. If you could update your application with examples of your submitted material that would be even more awesome.

The Acceptance Rates & Data page for each school uses all this data to help future applicants. To see the data for a particular film school, find your school in our film school database and select the Acceptance Rates & Data tab. If there are enough applications in our database, you enjoy access to valuable tips and information.
Add your film school application to our Application Database so that we can improve our admissions statistics.

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