Usc in the summer?Good for someone with experience?


Hi there nice people!

Sad News: I had to give up my intentions of going to NYU. 4 years, its a long time for me. I cant leave all behind - family, job etc.
Good News: I have plenty of time in the summer.
What do you know about USC summer courses? Its just for young high school kids? Do u recommend it ?
Thanks a million once again! CHEERS!

Kurt Wagner

Active Member

Here is a link to their website. I'm looking into this program as well, but haven't gone thoroughly through the website.

Has anyone out there actually done this USC summer program? If so, please offer us some more information about it and your experience of the program.



Great for begginers and high school kids - if you're already experienced it won't make much of an impact, except on your wallet.

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