USC Screenwriting Acceptance/Rejection thread 2013


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I'm not sure if you guys are still using this thread but here I go,

I'm planning on to apply for the writing program at USC this year. How important do you think is the Creative Portfolio List ("A list of all significant creative projects in which the applicant has participated, noting the role the applicant has played. Formal recognition such as awards, publications, and exhibitions should also be noted")

I've been doing something totally unrelated to screenwriting or film or TV up until this point of my life, so I don't have any projects done.

Would this hurt me significantly?


On a totally unrelated note, what's the average age of your class?

Thanks for the help!


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Originally posted by Fanfand:
@ achorusisrising:
I didn't have much time back then, write the 2 challenges in one hour
How did you write two challenges in one hour?? That's crazy!! What meds were you on?

How many pages did you write?
Originally posted by butyoureyessaidyes:
Is your antho published anywhere? What genre do you specialize/prefer to write in? (Just curious!)
Nah, not yet -- I've got some bites, but most of the potential publishers want me to change some of the content, and that's something I'm vehemently against.

I'm thinking of just tabling the anthology or publishing it through a vanity press (just for the credits) and begin work on my sci-fi novel, "Godkind."

As for genres, I like to write horror thrillers and sci-fi thrillers. One of my submissions to USC was a scene from an unnamed spy thriller. I also enjoy writing rich character studies. In fact, all the flash fiction pieces in my anthology are character studies.


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Received this e-mail about two hours ago.

"Following careful consideration, we are offering you a place on the waitlist for the Fall 2013 Writing for Screen & Television MFA program. An official waitlist letter will be sent to you by mail to the current address listed on your application."

Anyone else get waitlisted?
I've received nothing yet -- no rejection or acceptance. At this point, I'm ready to hear ANYTHING. I feel like my life's on hold until I can get this sorted out.
Nothing here. Called USC last Friday. They said decision letters are going out over the next two weeks and they "should" be done by early April.
Rejected via snail mail. =/

I think my past academic performance borked me. I totally bombed out of the first college I attended. Had a 3.9 gpa once I enrolled elsewhere.

Anyone still up for trading application materials?

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