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Rejection! Lol after so much time waiting it’s kinda like well duh USC. Maybe they wait so the rejection letter itself is less of a blow.

And won’t get in to UCLA this year. Got an interview last year but not this time so, c’est la vie!


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Hello! I also got my rejection this morning, but I got in for production which was my first choice. Last year I got rejected from both.... so keep trying. Showing up well on paper is a skill in itself and not just in your writing... just in an application. I think it might be a bit of luck too. Keep going. This isn’t the end.
I think I saw USC was the only place you applied, congrats! I’m glad you get to go! :)


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USC's really making me wait for my rejection letter ?


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@Septopus7 I’m curious, have you decided where you’re going or still looking into it?

Considering the offer, I'm like 95% sure I'm going with AFI. But I'm still waiting to hear back from USC re: financial aid and scholarships. They told me on Wednesday that I would find out before April 15 (when I have to commit to one school or the other), but I'm not super optimistic USC will be able to match (or even get in the same ball park) as AFI's funding. But we shall see in time, I guess. Either way, I guarantee at least one spot will be open for a waitlist candidate at one of these universities!

I'll be visiting both campuses the first weekend of April to see them for myself before I commit to anything but, at this point, it's really all about the money. Because, you know...


(That's what that song is about, right? Trying to choice between two elite college programs?)
I'd like them to have looked at my work, and then get rejected, but UCLA has become my first choice (except another school has guaranteed me money so we will see...) through more research and introspection.
Mind if I ask why it's your first choice? I'm trying to make up my mind as well.
Did anyone here make it to UCLA though?
I did but nothing for USC yet. At this point I'm kinda just hoping to get rejected so I don't have to go through the (priviledged) agony of choosing. Before the application process USC was my first choice but now UCLA seems like a better fit for me. What are you guys opinion on UCLA vs USC?

Oh, also, I got some interesting info today on USC's application process from a former screenwriting alumna. She said USC send out the first acceptance letters to the students that all the professors agree should be admitted. Then they go head to head with each other defending the students they think should be admitted too. She said only got her acceptance letter March 25th and that professor usually tell this to the students they were fighting for once they start classes. So, I guess there'e still hope? I don't know... don't wanna raise expectations or anything but I guess anything's possible.
Mind if I ask why it's your first choice? I'm trying to make up my mind as well.

UCLA has you writing a LOT and fast. @Kira posted about this before. It mimics real life. My personal goals are to graduate with enough work to use as a portfolio to show agents and execs(if they ever talk to me lol), do internships and connect with passionate talented people. All these are possible at UCLA, the first one may be better. I need the push of fast-paced work to not procrastinate (hah). UCLA also says they have mentors which I now really crave.

I poured my heart into my USC app. I was the most honest about the stories that meant the most to me, yet it wasn't what they wanted. I applied to USC every year and idealized it. They don't think I'd be a good fit, so it doesn't make sense to me to want them more than some place that thinks I will mesh well with.

UCLA interviewed me and others and I jumped through 2 rounds instead of 1 and I got to connect with a professor who was genuinely interested in my story. George. Hopefully I might be mentored by him :)
UCLA also says they have mentors which I now really crave.
Omg, this makes me so happy! During my interview I asked Phyllis about mentorships and she was like "I don't know what you mean by mentorships". Which was odd, but I was so nervous that I probably didn't express myself like a fully functioning human being.

Not having mentors was the ONLY thing about UCLA I was kinda sad about. So glad I got it all wrong lol


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I also never heard anything back...

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