Hello everyone!

I'm new to posting in the forums, but have been dabbling in it for a while doing grad school research. Since there's no thread for those applying for the Spring 2014 USC's MFA Film & TV Production program, we might as well start the conversation!


Just a quick question for those who have applied. did you list your scholarly/research interests in the graduate application? I am wondering if we need to.
This is my first time applying, but I "attended" one of those online information sessions and the same question came up. They said that we do not have to list anything in that section. Just to be safe I would email SCA admissions.


Finished submitting my application as well. Though, I certainly have my doubts about getting in. Turns out my transcripts will arrive late and I forgot to upload a copy to the online application....... -_-
Oh well. Guess I'll be applying next time around as well.
I'll post a link to my vid too. Feedback always welcome.

If those who have gone through the process could share, what next steps should the applicants expect as we wait until decisions are made?

Browsing through past forums it seems like interviews used to be conducted. Does anyone know if they still conduct interviews? Or would the next time we hear back from admissions is a yes, no, or wait list?

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