USC Summer film program


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Hello all. New to the boards here. I would've posted this in the non-degree film schools, but no one seem to ever check that board. Anyways, on to my question, I am currently a film student at a city college here in California, and am looking to transfer to a four year film school as soon as I'm eligible. My goal is, obviously to transfer to USC. Now I'm not what you'd call a beginner, but I am a freshman in college and I am (obviously) majoring in film production. Anyways, for the summer, I am looking into USC's summer film program, specifically the USC/Warner Bros or USC/Universal classes. Those looked the most interesting to me, and I have deposits down for both of them. Anyone here taken either of these courses or the USC summer program? Any feedback? Will it look better when I apply to USC? Any help would be appreciated.


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I am considering doing a summer course as well.

Does it help a lot when applying to the school of cinema?

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