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Hey guys,
I'm a lurker here, and I don't really post information or opinions or the like, although the information posted here has been of tremendous help to me.
I was, however, waitlisted for USC's Production MFA for the Fall of 2019 and guaranteed a spot for the Spring of 2020, I believe at least. This has led to a lot of questions and decisions and the like. I was wondering if there were any members who were, or are, in the situation I'm currently in, and if they could relate their experiences at all, especially regarding the admissions process following the waitlist decision, financial aid for spring admits, or any other general information that could be good to know.
Anything helps, and I will love you forever.
I’m currently waitlisted and have an admissions offer to another school so I am in the same boat as you. I have no idea what to do. And am suffering anwhole lot of imposter syndrome going on while trying to decide


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Does anyone know how the process works? How many are usually accepted off the list and how many go in the spring?


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I (along with other waitlisted students) got contacted recently about the possibility of accepted Fall semester. They said it’s so late in the game that they understand if we can’t and will defer our acceptance to Spring.

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