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Hello everyone! Just making a thread for the people applying to UT for screenwriting. Why do you want to go to UT? What did you think about the application?

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While everyone is waiting for more info PLEASE take a moment to review the program on our site as an APPLICANT: (it can be anonymous)

List your pros and cons and why you applied to this program. If you can, please also review all of the other programs that you applied to on the site. It will help others A TON. :)

You also assign start ratings to:
  • Alumni
  • Campus
  • Career Assistance
  • Equipment
  • Coursework
  • Professors
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships
You can review a film school as an:
  • Alumni
  • Current Student
  • Admitted Applicant
  • Current Applicant
  • Rejected Applicant
  • Official Tour
  • Unofficial Tour
  • Interview
Thank you! It'll be a HUGE help to the site and fellow applicants. :)
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