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Wanna work with the Independent Movie crew? Support us!


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Wanna shoot a movie? Wanna work with the Independent Movie crew? Wanna be a executive producer? Wanna meet the most interesting PPL in the big New York City? The opening day is coming!

A brand new movie 7045 Steps is a dramatic adaptation of Blowing up on the Spot by Kevin Wilson. He is the author of the fantastic The Family Fang directed by Jason Bateman, stars with Nicole Kidman and Christopher Walken. 7045 steps is about a lost man called Vincent who while trapped in a meaningless and trivial job has to at the same time cope with the deaths of his parents, a younger brother who constantly tries to kill himself, and his burgeoning affection for his landlord's daughter Joanne…

Right now we are rising fund, and we need your support! For more information, you can select a perk below and check this out: 7045 Steps - a Short Film Project

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