What are my chances? (Applicant with Dyslexia)


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Hello! My name is Liam and i'm interested in apply to film school. Specifically the John C. Hench division of USC as an undergrad. My primary interest is visual effects design using applications like After Effects. I'm worried and confused about my chances of acceptance, being that I have a low GPA and don't meet all the requirements. As well as a not-so-supportive counselor. Let my tell you more about myself...

• I attend a magnet high school with emphasis on technology and the arts.
• I'm a senior.
• My GPA is 2.3
• I am currently taking the most advanced cinema class my school offers.
• I am a Pacific Islander
• I have a learning disability, which I shall go into more detail about in the later paragraph.
• I haven't taken my SAT yet, but will in November.
• I do not meet the AG requirements, as I got a D in Biology during my sophomore year.
• I've done more than 200 volunteer hours for a city-owned organization.

• One of the films I worked on placed 9th at the "Skills USA" film contest, for my region.
• I was asked by my school district to create a "commercial" of sorts as my HS is application based. Which they showed in all the middle schools of the district.

I have dyslexia. This greatly impacted my math grades. My average grade in math ranges from Ds-Cs. However I am currently taking Pre-Calculus. But struggling is an understatement for my current academic status in that class. Being that as it may, my reasoning is that a 2.3 at a blue-ribbon/magnet high school is worth more than it appears. Almost like a 3.0 at a CC isn't nearly worth as much as a 2.5 at Harvard.

Have you ever seen someone in my situation be granted admission? I've been hearing rumors about people with low GPA's get into prestigious schools due to talent and overall individuality, and i'm hoping I could be next person to share such a situation.

Best wishes,

My unfinished effects reel ➟

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