What kind of projects do you like producing?

Julie Lew

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Hi guys! What are you hoping to get out of your producing MFA and what kind of projects do you want to produce? I want to be in both TV and features, but I'm interested in exploring docs as well. I'm currently producing 2 short films and a music video this summer. I'd love to hear what everyone is up to!


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The only things I've "Produced" are self created shorts, so short fiction. Mostly, I'd really just love to learn from you guys so that I can know more about the process as I go forward! :)
I haven’t actually “produced” anything before ? but I’m interested in fiction. I’m really interested in the limited series format, and really love suspense.
I have done mostly shorts, but I have produced one commercial in past as well. I don't have a preference as right now. But I do want to do commercials for a couple years and then transition back to storytelling and do features.

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