what movies have you watched recently?


to ease the stress and the madness, i was thinking maybe a neutral, non-grad school related topic might be a nice change of pace. so what have you watched lately, and did you like it? i recently discovered the library here in San Francisco has tons of movies, so i've been seeing a lot of stuff for free. i just watched Sisters by Brian de Palma, and that was pretty good, though i thought it sort of lost steam towards the end. but i like that genre in general, pulpy suspense stuff. i also saw the Deerhunter last week, but did not dig that very much. is it about Vietnam, or De Niro's threatened masculinity? a bit silly, i thought.

what about you guys?


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I saw Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I haven't seen a lot of Holocaust movies (including Schindler's List), so I don't have a standard from which to judge it from. But aside from the relationship between the two boys which seems somewhat underdeveloped, I thought it was a very powerful film. I don't know if the blind ignorance portrayed in the film is always plausible, but it's some of the best child acting I've seen.

I'm watching I Love You, Man this weekend. Love Paul Rudd and Jason Segel.


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I haven't had the chance to see any newly released movies but I watched Blow Out last night on TV. Good times.
There is a swedish film called 'Låt den rätte komma in' aka 'Let the right one in'`- have you guys seen it?
It´s strong in a silent way and very well photograped - it´s sort of a vampyre story that takes place in a very realistic neighbourhood...
O yea, "let the right one in" looks amazing. I really wanna see it.

I saw watchmen recently as well. I pretty much agree with you Arash, in that it was visually enjoyable and the story kicks ass, but the direction was a bit weak in moments. I felt that it struggled to balance the over-the-top visuals and how Snyder wanted to tell such a complex story. A co-director would definitely have been useful. The visuals worked, but most of the acting was empty. I didn't feel anything for those characters... well, maybe John, and he was CG! But the cinematography and art direction was so amazing that I really enjoyed the film. Even though I felt they overused that ultra-zoom-out shot...
If I remember correctly, the last four that I have watched:

Be Kind, Rewind
The Others
Revolutionary Road (in my Top 5 :))
Blair Witch Project
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another day in paradise - larry clark
walker - alex cox
two lane blacktop - monte hellman
working girl - mike nichols
something wild - jonathan demme
in the soup - alex rockwell
m. hulot's holiday - jacques tati

and...uh... the watchmen


Gran Torino
The Wrestler
Fellowship of the Ring

Plus in the last 2 months I've been in a mode where I've been watching a few movies over and over while in bed trying to fall asleep. That rotation was Casablanca, Micheal Clayton and occasionally The Bourne Ultimatum. I was watching Casablance 2, maybe 3 times a week. I just love that one.
I watched Network last night. Blew my mind. ahhhh.

I also watched a documentary the other night called Billy The Kid. Not quite sure what I think about it yet.

Also, West Side Story (fun) and 7 Samurai (brilliant). :D
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let's see, what else have i seen lately...

just saw cul-de-sac by polanksi. pretty good and funny, though not as good as his best.

saw belle de jour about a week ago in a theatrical showing. it was a fun 'date' movie to bring my girlfriend to - sexy, funny, and best of all, perverse!

for italian giallo fans, i just watched a sick little piece of work by sergio martino called "the strange vice of mrs. wardh." it was really good, check it out if you're into that.

lets see... oh and Let the Right One In was great, everyone should check that out. i'm glad i was able to catch that in theaters before it went away, as i neglected to see it for some time. i guess i was slightly turned off by the idea of another vampire movie, but this one comes through by making it a unique and psychologically interesting story from the perspective of a young boy coming of age. its out on dvd now, check it if you haven't.


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I'm gonna get laughed at, but I saw Watchmen a couple days ago, went in with low expectations because of what I'd heard from friends. It had so many cringeworthy-eye rolling moments (did there NEED to be so much slowmo???!). But it got better as it went along, and I actually kind of enjoyed the last hour and a half or so (it's almost 3 hours long, so that's about half). Most of what I didn't like I feel like I could blame on Zach Snyder (director, you guys probably know he did sin city and 300), and the parts I did like I feel like I can probably attribute to the story of the graphic novel (haven't read it yet, but I'm guessing). So, seeing this movie, even though it was far from perfect, actually made me want to read the novel. So there you go!

Although, I didn't like the ending, and apparently they didn't change it much, so I probably wouldn't like that part of the graphic novel either.


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Anyone like NewsRadio? I watched it a lot growing up, and my boyfriend recently got the DVDs, so I'm revisiting it. It can be pretty cheesy in that sitcom-from-the-90s way, but it's got great characters and does well with all kinds of comedy””slapstick too!
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Originally posted by tabbycat:
Zach Snyder (director, you guys probably know he did sin city and 300)
I'm pretty sure that Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez did sin city. I believe that Zach Snyder has only directed Watchmen, 300, and the Dawn of the Dead remake. Maybe some direct to video stuff.


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ah... I don't know where I got that info from... not imdb that's for sure :)
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probably just the weird half-rotoscoped visual style that all those movies share. apparently if you're adapting a graphic novel anymore you have to use that style. The largely forgotten "The Spirit" from late last year did the same thing (and also was directed by Frank Miller... hmm).


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haha... yeah, I heard the spirit was awful, though I don't think I personally know very many people who actually went out and saw it!

though watchmen is actually the first of these graphic novel adaptations I've actually seen.. I'm not a huge fan of overly stylized so I went to see it based more on the possibility of a good story, I tend to enjoy superhero movies. I feel like if it had been done by a different director, had more rewrites too, it could've been a much better film.


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that's interesting, I think you may be right about film being an insufficient medium (media?) for this type of story. I read a bit about Rorschach's backstory that they had in the comic book and it seemed really interesting, kind of wished they'd put that in the film, but then they probably would have had to do everyone's backstory and it would've been even longer.

Like I said, I think it had potential, I feel like another director could have taken it to another level, but then again maybe the source material is difficult to adapt properly, like you said.
(just to jump in on the tail-end of your Watchmen discussion...) Had either Paul Greengrass or Darren Aronofsky come through on directing it, I think it would have potentially been a better film. I think Synder's off to a great start, and is hands-down one of the more dynamic visual directors in Hollywood, but I thought Watchmen had more potential than it realized. That said, I'm not familiar with the source material, and adaptations can be hard enough, let alone one of something this contentious and sought-after.

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