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Icebreakers What movies must you STOP and WATCH if you are flipping through channels? (or browsing Netflix)

Chris W

Willem was robbed
Staff member
What movie must you immediately stop and watch the rest of if you are flipping through channels on your TV?

For me it's definitely some eighties and nineties classics...

In no particular order:

The Princess Bride
Romancing the Stone
The Goonies
The Lost Boys
The Hudsucker Proxy
Shawshank Redemption
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Stand by Me

And actually one of my many favorite films because of how well done clever and quirky it is:

Throw Momma From the Train

Seriously - the phone booth scene is hilarious and absolutely genius. I love Danny DeVito as a director.

Cody Young

Tattoo/Film Enthusiast
I completely agree with Shawshank Redemption, even when I tell myself I will just sit down and watch this for a few minutes, I always end up staying for the entire film. A couple of my other favorites that draw me in consistently are
Pet Sematary,
The Thing,
Nightmare on Elm Street (original),
Rosemary's Baby,
Inglorious Basterds,
To name my share of "a few"

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