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I know it’s kinda of redundant since Chris the owner of this website already mentioned it in a general thread about interview. But I think it might be dated so just want to quickly ask what you guys wore and are planning on wearing to filmschool interviews.


I wore a black blazer with a nice shirt underneath it and stretchy dress pants. I went a little more formal than needed. As long as you look like you didn't just walk in from the gym you are probably okay. I remember reading somewhere that just wearing nice pants and a polo is fine.
I wore a black blazer with a white shirt. And... jeans because having a skype interview they couldn't see my pants :D

And, paraphrasing Chris, I would go overdressed rather than underdressed. Even if they don't expect it, going formal would not make them think anything negative about you.

Good luck!!!

Chris W

As You Wish
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I think in general look like you care about your appearance and put some effort in and not like you just crawled out of bed. I think you could possibly get away with jeans and a t shirt IF they were nice and stylish and designer and not some clothes that were pulled out of a wrinkled pile of laundry.

Quick answer: Dress like you care. :)


thanks guys for your great advice. I always thought that it’d be a little awkward to wear a blazer amid film student, 99% of whom all wear street clothes. But I guess I will just wear a blazer with my confidence:) And I think you guys are absolutely right that nice clothes show that you care.

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