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This is my first question into this really informative forum. I am a Senior in high school and of course, messed up in my Sophomore year and my grades suck. I have since remediated one class and the other two are IP (in progress) for remediation. In the meantime, I have been in our school's AVPA (Academy of Visual and Performing Arts) program in the Young Filmakers program. This great program has taught me so much about film making. I have credits on 4 films that were screened at Sony Studios and have done grip, sound, production design and of course filmed (usually 16mm). This past Summer, I was accepted into a full time SONY STUDIOS Internship, which was incredible on all levels, especially the networking end. Anyways, after all of this, my question is this: Do colleges also look at other achievements besides your grades? I am so stressed out that I have sabotaged my chances for film school. How is a 14 year old supposed to be thinking about college at that age? My parents tried to tell me and push me at that time to do good, but at that time, I hadn't a clue as to why. I'm hoping that colleges look at other things that are being brought to the table. I'm looking at Chapman, Loyola and UCLA but I'm told that they all require the high GPA. Any advice would be helpful. THANKS


They look at grades, extra curricular activities, if you held down a job at the same time, coming from a less privileged background, first one in family to go to college, recommendation letters (depending on school), essays, etc...

It's not just grades, although it is obviously a big part.
I screwed up a bit in high school too.

I'm hoping to graduate with a 3.5ish, although it's looking more like a 3.4ish. Unweighted, that is.

I'm also applying to Chapman and LMU (as well as NYU, CSUN, and CSULB) so I've done a bit of research.

Chapman and LMU are waaaaay easier to get into than UCLA. UCLA is where good grades are a must. At the other two, it's typically the film program that's hard for most to get into rather than the university itself. I'm speaking mainly about Chapman now. The academics will be looked at by the university, the creative potential by Dodge College. So don't worry. Create great apps, work hard on them like I am, and keep making films :p

Also, congrats on the internship and whatnot. I'm impressed. Is there anywhere I can see your films?


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Thanks for the great advice! You sound like you have good focus for your school applications. I did have one film in the Backlot Film Festival last Spring. Its kind of funny, but they did accept it. Didn't win, but I got to sit with Carl Reiner and Dick Van Dyke, which was really fun! Also, google "SONY PICTURES IMAGEWORKS" and click on "IPAX Internship" to get the application information for the next Internship.. They also have a part time one I think in the Spring as well as the Summer full time one I did. I'm going to try to get into the program again. It was awesome and the classes and the atmosphere were incredible. They were also nice people on top of it all!!!

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