Where are you ATTENDING 2019!?!

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This is a thread for people to post where they decided to attend in 2019 if they were accepted.

Congrats everyone!

Remember to check out if there's a Student Group for your school here:

Student Groups are private and hidden to the internet like a private Facebook group.

If you don't see one for your school feel free to create your own.

Congrats again everyone!!!!!


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I'd like to know the decisions of the other 4 out of 5 of the places I applied to but I'm pretty sure it'll be LMU! It's quite a lot more affordable than my number 1 and I got a lil tiny sumtin sumtin from them. Tiny but in addition to their lower tuition price AND that they have a 3rd year to help you try and get a foot into the industry - a major concern for most mfa applicants... I think LMU!

Unless a miracle happens. I wait.
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Well yes, the "miracle" in my mind was any funding from ucla. It sounds ucla gives automatic funding to all students from the letter they sent out - but no one can confirm this, so I'm going to pay the lmu deposit in the meantime. Ahhhhh so broke.
Yup! Great that UCLA gives any guaranteed money at all though :)
I'm going to NYU Dramatic Writing. Just paid my deposit, actually. When the money reaches New York, I'm declining AFI waitlist and LMU admission.


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USC Stark Producing Program after I pay my deposit and denying AFI. Which actually sucks a little because the interview went so well 💔


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I was accepted to My Couch University. Tuition free. lol

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