which schools are best for editing/directing!??!

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Hi my name is David. I have recently got accepted to a few different school in southern california. The UC's = UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbra, UC Riverside. CSUs = CSU Long Beach, CSU Los Angeles.
My question is, which school is the best option for me? I'm thinking mainly editing but also interested in doing directing as well. Any advise is helpful! thanks for reading!
None of the schools you have been accepted to, are good for film. If you go to any of these schools, get a degree that is useful: Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Computer Science, Engineering. Hollywood is a marketing, finance world; not art.

While UCI, and UCSB have good overall reputations they are both overrated. UCI does have a good connection to OC businesses. UCSB is more of a Science school, even more so than UCI)

It is possible to xfer to UCLA (must xfer into Fall only) or UCSD (excellent media program) from UCI or UCSB, but it's difficult.

My suggestion is, if you are in LA/OC and dead set on Film School, is to go to a Community College (OCC in Orange County has an excellent rep and is ?th the price of the UCs, ditto for Santa Monica College.) and xfer in to either USC or UCLA.

The UCs take 70% of the CC students who apply. You get priority in xfers to UCLA and Cal (guarantee admit to all other UCs if you have the grades), and you are saving money. Did I mention, you are saving money?

You can also take classes at UCLA through the extension program (www.uclaextension.edu). I suggest that you do this during the summer if you are not taking classes at CC. Otherwise get the AA ASAP.

Even you do get a film degree get a second degree that will get you a job. Read the first paragraph again.
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David Cam

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This is actually not the first time someone has suggested UCLA's extension program to me. I will do that this summer.

Also taking a second degree would be a good move. I have earned my AA degree, So I'm still highly considering transferring.

So other than UCLA and USC are the film schools completely useless? If so, why?


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you should really look into USC, AFI, Chapman, NYU, Tisch and FSU (Florida, not full sail[definitely not full sail])

Not sure why you didn't atleast applied to the better schools out there.

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