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Would you rather write scripts for TV or Film?

which medium do you prefer? do you write for both? if you prefer tv, which shows would you most like to be staffed on? if you prefer film, what movies inspire you? if you prefer a different medium (video games, novels, webseries, etc), what is it and why?

i personally like and have studied both mediums. i will say, though, i definitely found it more difficult to write my first feature length script than to write any spec, pilot, or series bible! i have always been interested in other mediums such as video games and virtual reality. a lot of work has to go into those stories to make sure they're entertaining and immersive. in the past, i wrote and produced a webseries, so i'm no stranger to that medium. i'm also in the process of writing a YA novel series, but it's not my preferred type of writing. :)

the show i'd most like to be staffed on is bojack horseman! and the films that inspire me are anything written by john hughes. he contributed greatly to teen/YA film and made several movies that people consider classics today.

can't wait to read everyone's responses! if you have any questions to add, ask away!


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The fact that I'm an introvert that likes to stay at home and write alone, film would be the obvious choice for me... But nope! I love television and it's what I have passion for writing in. In grad school, I will write at least one feature and it will be the first feature I complete. So I'll see how I feel after that experience. I chose what I want to write over the work enviroment and I just hope I get staffed with a cool crew of people.

I would love to get staffed on a one hour drama but I'm not too picky yet. I'm trying different types of shows to see what I enjoy and what I am best at writing.

There are more jobs in TV. Some say it's just the current trend but honestly I don't see that changing. You always need a staff to write a series. Multiple people Vs writing a feature and just hoping it sells one day. And most don't. I would say getting a job to rewrite a script someone else has written and sold may be more plentyful than actually writing features yourself, but that's not always satsifying for the aspiring screenwriter.

I know a lot of people are making the switch to TV because that's where the jobs are, and that's smart but it's so different that I'm intrested to see how it works out. If they enjoy ir or even adapt well to the collaborative aspect of it. Until you are a show runner you don't have much say and have a lot more bosses.


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I've always been a film guy myself- the contained stories speak to me more. Want to write in film- but am open to working in TV. I know there's sure a lot more work to be had there right now. Honestly find writing features easier for me than pilots. The movies that inspire me the most are the ones that find the perfect balance between art and entertainment. Those I always find myself enjoying the most. Like the works of Nolan, Tarantino, Villenueve, Ari Aster, Spielberg, Scott, and Fincher.

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