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  • USC - Film/Production 2019
  • USC-2020 Spring Film and TV Production
    Congrats, Yaxing! I too was waitlisted for Fall 2019. At the time of my waitlist decision, I (and everyone else who was waitlisted) received an...
  • UT RTF 2023
    That makes sense. Also, was the 4.0 unweighted or weighted? If unweighted - did he take honors/AP classes? Sorry in advance for all the questions...
  • Chapman - Television Writing and Production 2019
    no it was the only score. The second time I took it after studying my score dropped 200
  • ACCD - film
    Congrats on the admission! I am applying for 2020 MFA film and just started to work on my potfolios, I switched from Finance so I could really...

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