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  • UCLA - producing 2019
    Hi, I have an interview lined up next week. Just wanted to ask how the interview was and what kind of questions did they ask? (Like, even with the...
  • AFI - Screenwriting 2019
    Thanks for the info! I've seen you on here last year too and I hope you get in with options :) I'm interviewing today and this info has been helpful!
  • AFI - Screenwriting 2019
    Thank you for your information! And I have an interview scheduled tomorrow. May I ask if staff need to take pictures in the middle of the...
  • Syracuse - Film 2018
    Hey! Did you end up going to SU? What was the interview like?
  • Columbia - Creative Producing 2019
    Hi Sia, it is not. It is required for some of the dual degrees to which I've applied. I just added it from my notes. Sorry for the confusion.

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