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    how to match sequence settings in Adobe Promiere Pro ?

    subscribe to my Youtube channel to learn filmmaking tips Max Film Academy--Study Filmmaking In New York
  2. Boston University Producing

    Boston University Producing

    In three semesters, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to tell compelling stories, develop ideas and compete successfully. Whether you want to produce, manage, write, market, teach or pursue another career avenue, you’ll leave here uniquely prepared and qualified to take on the TV world.
  3. Roman Gryndii

    Please help to choose good film school in Canada

    Hi everyone, I am looking for good film/video production program in Canada. I am from other country, so it is hard to choose for me. I have already known that a lot of school it is just useless wasting of money and I want to choose correct school. Please help me with my choice. (I am looking for...
  4. V

    Film Studies - 2015 - Suggestions

    Hi, I am currently working as a Software Engineer with an I.T organization in Atlanta. I am from India and my passion has always been films. Though I hear a lot of quotes about going to school is not essential for filmmaking, I wanted to pursue that as I feel it will give me confidence to...

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