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The USC Cinematic Arts admissions website says that you do need the GRE. Is this new?
Were you looking at The Division of Cinema & Media Studies major? Cuz this one do need GRE, but Film and TV production don't.
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No, they only need your $$$.
Does USC still open the application for 2021 spring? Cuz today is June 20th, they should've opened the application but I checked the application website and they didn't.
Chris W
Chris W
When will cinematography students learn how to shot with the film? when will production students have courses of their selected area?
I believe either Intermediate or Advanced Cinematography class has a project shot on film. Both classes happen in your 2nd or 3rd years of the MFA program, depending on when you want to take them.

Production students choose their own classes after the first two semesters. For instance, I'm taking a lot of producing and directing classes now that I'm in my 2nd year.

As a future applicant I have a question regarding the admissions. In my undergraduate degree I switched from Computer Science to Business and my GPA has suffered a lot during this process. Although in my last semesters I got better GPA scores my cumulative ended up 2.4 (on a 4 scale). I pursued my studies and took a Management masters degree and graduated with a much better GPA. I wanted to know whether this could boost my chances for getting accepted to USC Film and Production or is my undergraduate GPA still a major drawback? Is it common for Business students to apply for a MFA degree or is it more common to have an arts bachelors degree for a higher chance to get accepted?
Little known secret. Grades barely matter. The USC application is hugely dependent on your Personal Statement

If you come across as someone new, unique, and individual, you are the sort of person a film school wants, because you have perspectives that can translate into movies. Your personal statement is where you communicate what makes you stand out from the crowd.

The Masters degree is a big positive for you. Try to include those numbers wherever you can. The undergrad GPA is annoying, but it shouldn't knock you out.

Also, it's normal for students with 0 film production experience to get into USC. My cohort had people with backgrounds in architecture, acting, communications, finance, game design, theology, history, philosophy, and many more, none of whom had a film production degree.

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