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So one of the cons for this school was the internships. Do they offer good internships or anything related in NY or CA?
Looking for a review of UC Berkeley's film program from upper level students to recent graduates (2019+). Are most film studies majors, double majors? As a UC Berkeley film studies ONLY major - now that you have been in the program would you considering transferring to a more "established" film school such as USC, UCLA, NYU, Chapman, etc?
Hi everyone! I have just applied to Chapman but I didn't see a page for application fee payment... Should I be worried? How do I pay for it???
I also didn't see the page for application fee payment...Did you resolve it?
I've had the same issue, did anyone figure it out??
Has anyone applied / started their application for this year? I am trying to find the section of the application in the portal where I submit my recommenders but don't see anything. I feel like I might just be missing it... Does anyone know which section it's in? Thanks!
Does anyone know if it's alright to use a copyright music in the film portfolio? I searched everywhere on the website and couldn't find any specifics on it. I gave credits towards the artists at the end of my short film, but I'm still worried.
Chris W
Chris W
Got this response when I asked them:

"Hi Chris,
It’s okay, but our preference is that all music be cleared.

Donna Hull, RTF Administrative Associate
Department of Radio-Television-Film | Moody College of Communication
The University of Texas at Austin "
What is the difference between the two-year MFA in Film and Television Producing and the three-year MFA in Film Production?
If you apply for the three-year film production program, you must choose one of four areas of study (directing, cinematography, editing, or sound design). The two-year Producing program goes through how to produce film and television projects by emphasizing both the creative and business elements that it entails. Hope this helps!
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Does anyone know if LFS still intends to move to a new location, and if so, when?
Hi! I have been accepted into the 2022 class, but I am unsure of attending. I wanted to defer to the winter session, but was denied. I'm currently writing, directing, and producing my first feature film and would have to put that on hold if I attended. (Which would be disappointing as I am already casting and on track to film this summer.) Looking back, would you attend the HRFS again? Do you feel like you are using the skills that you learned there? Are you currently making films?

Thank you very much for your help. There's very little information about alumni from HRFS, (now called SCFS).
Would anyone be willing to upload their application materials? Trying to figure out what a successful application has looked like
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I am attending Tisch for grad film this fall. This is a stupid question but I have two dogs—how much time will I have to go back (I live less than a mile from campus) to take care of them?
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Totally valid question (says the girl who has a dog next to her right now). If you have back to back classes, you might be at NYU for up to 6 hours at a time. But if you space out your schedule more openly, you'll have breaks. Highly reccomend citi bike to make things faster too if you feel comfortable biking.
What neighborhood are you staying in? I graduated from the program and one of my classmates had a dog. She lived in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. You spend a lot of time at school (pretty much all day). Getting to Brooklyn usually takes about an hour and people don't usually go home and go back. You could set up your schedule though where you have large gaps in the day. I don't think having pets are undoable but sometimes when we were hanging out after class my classmate would be like, 'I got to walk my dog'. It's kind of a bummer when you're bonding with new friends.
Does anyone know the scale of MA Screenwriting program at UAL? Is it under 20 students or more per year? A lot of thanks to anyone who may help me with an answer. 🥰
I just finished my interview wit Raindance and was incredibly happy with it. Much much different to my interview with Metfilm and I'm leaning more towards Raindance now.
However I am curious about a few things:
1. What is the kind of infrastructure provided? If I want to edit and/or shoot a film is there good equipment for production and post-production?
2. What are the chances of landing a job in the industry post graduation? I would be an international student, so staying back would be imperative to gain experience in the industry and even though the festival and raindance community is excellent for networking, is it good enough to get a job after graduation?
I wanted to know what the average time taken is for lfs to process the application with an interview and acceptance? They say 8 weeks but I have also applied to other film schools like Metfilm and LFA and Leeds Beckett and if I get the admissions, I would not want to miss the acceptance deadline if I am waiting for an acceptance from LFS, since it's my top choice.
I see some people receiving acceptances for Columbia's MFA program in screenwriting/directing, but have yet to hear from the school myself, is this normal or should I expect a rejection?
I am a film student at West Los Angeles College and I would like to reach out to other film school students with the hopes that I can connect with them and help them on their projects. I am currently in film school to become a Set Dresser and looking for jobs so that I can get class credit.
Prior to enrolling in film school, I was a Production Assistant and worked Art Department on a small sketch show for Fox Sports.
Is there a group message bnoard that I can enter my information on?
Thank You
Tony Savage
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Does anyone know when we might start hearing about interviews?
I 'm not sure. But a UAL student told me that he submitted the application in February last year, and received an interview in May.

Hope it helps. :)
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If you wouldn’t mind, what was the film program like?
The undergrad film/video program I would say is geared towards independent filmmaking/ art house films. The first year you have film history classes and a couple of production classes. However, you are always making films in at least 2 or 3 of your classes. If you want I can send a more detailed list of the classes offered when I was there through PM.
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I would certainly love that!
Hello, I am preparing my application for the production design program and I want to ask if anyone can share any examples for the portfolios they used for their application.
I am an architect, should I show my work with plans, elevations and sections or do I focus mainly on 3d models and visualizations
What's the vibe at Dodge competitiveness-wise? USC SCA is known to be pretty cutthroat competitive where as LMU SFTV actually markets itself as not being so competitive but more of a collaborative environment. Wondering where Chapman/Dodge falls in the mix?
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Alexa P.
Alexa P.
Hey there! We're publishing an interview with the Department of Admissions that answers your question. Stay tuned...

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