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  1. L

    MFA Writing/Directing Program Recommendations

    Hi all, I don't know about you, but I've been totally overwhelmed with all the MFA program options there are. I've been stuck in analysis paralysis researching programs intently for about two years, and now it's finally time to apply. I'm specifically looking for programs that highlight/ help...
  2. Sachin Dheeraj

    Analysis of top Film School Graduate programs - Pros and Cons

    I thought I'll just post what I've been thinking. I've basically written down some pros and cons of schools that I've been admitted to. Maybe it'll help me/others in some way. Disclaimer - This is just based on my research by speaking to current students and alumni from each schools. But correct...
  3. S

    Is there any program?

    Sup Braws. Im in my sophmore year in highschool and am determined to start my movie career at USC or UCLA then go to AFI. I live in the bay area (San Jose) in California. I was wondering if there was some program or company that can give me some experience. I want to focus on Video Production...

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