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  1. Shmorca

    Getting into USC School of Cinematic Arts: Advice and What Are My Chances?

    Hello! My name is Maia. I am a sixteen year old sophomore in high school, and I aspire to attend USC School of Cinematic Arts in some capacity, either for their Film and Television Production Program or their Screenwriting Program. Unlike most, it hasn't always been my lifelong dream, but now...
  2. Aqua

    Hi everyone, I need advice!

    So hi, I'm a rising senior studying communication with a minor in film studies. I had no intention of ever going to grad school but recently found myself with 10 tabs open of different grad sites and lists of grad programs through the US. So yea, I'm kinda worried because my first two years of...
  3. J

    USC film school graduate program

    Is there a undergraduate GPA requirement for USC Cinema Arts MFA?
  4. Mdub_2013

    Peter Stark Program Fall 2017

    Hi all - I'm Maria and looking to apply to the Peter Stark Program, wondering who else has begun their application essays.... Also, I see on the USC site that they don't require GRE scores, but on previous forums I see people are taking their GRE. Does anyone know if that's an official...
  5. Bullmoose

    International Student + MFA At USC's SCA = A Shot?

    Hey all! I've been lurking around the forum a while reading up as much as I can on USC's film programs in particular, because I'm planning on getting into either the Film Production or Peter Stark programs in 2016. Now, being an international student, my situation's somewhat unique, and I...

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