1. Ava Jazlyn

    MFA Application Material Advice & Critique (FSU - Production)

    Hi, everyone! I am applying to FSU's MFA program in Production. I would really appreciate any feedback I can get on the material I'm submitting and am happy to offer feedback in return! Application Material Link Feel free to post your application material below. Best, Ava
  2. Kira

    Script Coverage Geared towards Film School

    Hey everyone! I hope that my posts (and inbox) have been helpful over the years. If you are looking for someone to read your scripts and essays as you prepare for the application season, please check out my new biz Film School Edge (no affiliation with this website). We cover feature scripts...
  3. T

    What looks better on a grad school application? (UCLA, USC, Chapman, LMU)

    Should I spend my "free" time in my remaining year at college interning with a production company (CBS TV show) or should I try to make some short films and enter them into festivals? Obviously, the latter is more risky as there's no guarantee they would get accepted, but I feel like that would...
  4. Mumbledore

    What are my chances? (Applicant with Dyslexia)

    Hello! My name is Liam and i'm interested in apply to film school. Specifically the John C. Hench division of USC as an undergrad. My primary interest is visual effects design using applications like After Effects. I'm worried and confused about my chances of acceptance, being that I have a low...
  5. Tony Yang

    Anybody here attending or also applying to AFI Producing Program

    I'm interested in applying to the AFI Producing program, and originally the deadline was February 1st, but on the website, it's been pushed back to April 1st. This seems really late to me and was hoping to get some information from anybody who is currently in the program or has experience...
  6. Nithesh Wazenn

    MFA admission Consulting

    MFA application
  7. C

    What should I use for my visual samples?

    Hey there! I'm in the process off applying to directing programs at AFI, USC, NYU, and Columbia for Fall 2014, and I'm trying to figure out which of my projects to feature and in what order I should place them on my visual sample. I know that narrative films are always preferred over music...
  8. S

    NYU- MFA Filmmaking course

    Hello guys, I'm planning to apply at NYU this December. As far as the visual creative assignments are concerned. Do I have to submit a 30 minute short film necessarily or could it be a show reel? Anything else that I should keep in mind while applying at NYU? I'd be highly obliged if you...