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    UT Austin 2013 Directing

    I haven't seen a thread for UT Austin Directing MFA 2013 acceptances, so I thought I'd start one. I visited the RTF building last November, and wanted to go back - if I get accepted to talk to the professors more. Just wanting to see who might be going so we can build a network type deal.
  2. N

    UT Austin Screenwriting MFA

    Hello, all. This is my first post here. I've spent a few weeks reading through various posts as I'm considering applying to a few Screenwriting MFA programs this year (Dec. '13). Everyone seems very helpful and willing to share, so I thought I'd ask for some input. I know that I just missed...
  3. B

    UT Austin 2012

    I've received several DMs about the UT MFA programs, so I'm starting this thread so we have a place to talk about it. The biggest question I've gotten is whether Austin is as good a place to live and make movies as LA or NY. Well, it depends on what kind of movies you want to make. Austin...
  4. U

    Emerson College vs U.T. - Austin

    I am going to transfer next semester and am trying to decide where to go. I will be going into film while I study at either of these schools. I got accepted into Emerson but am still waiting for U.T. to give me their decision. If I do get into U.T. I will have to decide where to go. I was...
  5. H

    UT Austin RTF

    Hey everyone, I'm going to being studying film at Texas this fall as a freshman. I was wondering if there was anybody here who will be going there as well? I'm still looking for a roommate as well as hoping some connections when working on future projects.
  6. M

    Accepted to UT Austin and Temple Uni Film MFA...

    Hi, I got admitted to the UT Austin MFA in film, as well as the MFA in Film & Media Arts at Temple University - am still waiting to here from CUNY in New York, but I'm pretty sure that the first two are stronger programs??? Net research shows UT Austin as being in the top ten in the us - is...
  7. B

    UT Austin 2011

    I'm a first year grad student in production at UT Austin. This forum helped me a lot when I was applying, so I would absolutely be available to talk to anyone interested in UT. I applied to and was accepted to a lot of programs which meant I had a lot of hard choices to make about where I...
  8. K

    UT-Austin Wait List

    Hello-- I'm wondering if anyone else is on the UT-Austin wait list for production? In my waitlist email they said they would give final notification of status April 15th, which, unfortunately, is the deadline for me to accept/reject an offer from another school. Has anyone here a) been...
  9. T

    University of Texas at Austin

    So I'm a Sophomore right now, looking to transfer for my Junior year. I applied to places like Chapman and Emerson, but those are looking highly unlikely because of cost. However, I have a good chance of getting a scholarship that would give me in state tuition at University of Texas at Austin...
  10. J

    University of Texas at Austin

    Just wondering if anyone else was applying? I just emailed off my documents and I'm already sooo nervous! I applied for Production. Anyone else or am I a lone wolf here?
  11. S

    USC vs. UT-Austin

    Hey everyone, I have to decide between the two frighteningly soon. I thought I'd turn here because this place has been so helpful so far. I just can't figure out which one to go to. On the one hand, USC seems great but it's just staggeringly expensive, and on the other hand, UT seems great, but...
  12. A

    UT: Austin

    I got accepted as an undergrad into UT's RTF program, something I'm pretty excited for. Has anyone else got accepted into the RTF program? What have people heard about it?
  13. F

    UT Austin updates

    Is there anyone else receiving the email from UT Austin? notification of being on the wait list.I received it today, seems the earliest notification from those film schools. Does anybody know how many people they accept each year for the film production MFA and what's the chance for being on a...
  14. J

    USC vs UT Austin?

    Any Thoughts?
  15. A

    UTexas - Austin

    Hey did anyone else apply to their Film/Radio/TV grad program? I just got an email from their recruitment and they've invited me to some sort of "Come To Texas" program. Do you guys know if this means I was accepted? I am thinking about going because they offer to cover airfare and lodging so...
  16. L

    UT Austin Film School... Accepted? Alumni? Opinions?

    I've been accepted to the UT Austin Program for Screenwriting and was hoping to find anyone else that is either currently in, just accepted, or has graduated from this film program. I have a million questions and would love to connect with some future fellow classmates... Where did u live? (or...
  17. B

    Pros/Cons on UT Austin Film Program??

    I'm strongly considering going to Texas and majoring in Radio/Television/Film with an emphasis in film production. Does anybody go there? Anybody know someone who goes there? Heard any positive or negative feedback about it?
  18. V

    r these schools good?texas austin..fsu..temple..

    hi guyz.. i m really confused as wht to do..i looked 4 all the schools..these schools have crazy figures as far paying comes in to picture.. i m planning 2 apply 4 cheap but good ones like..univ texas austin..fsu..temple.. also i would like 2 knw abt la school..plz let me knw.. asap.. tk...
  19. D

    UT Austin RTF

    UT Austin RTF... So does anyone here go there? If so I am looking for information on how hard it is to get into... In highschool I haven't done that great. I have aroudn a 3.0 GPA but I did get a 32 on the ACT. I also have lots of advanced and honors classes on my transcript, will that help? I...
  20. D

    Austin community vs. San Antonio College

    Is anyone here a student in either the Austin Community College or San Antonio College RTF program? I want to major in film, but I can't decide whether I should stay in Austin or go to San Antonio. San Antonio's classes seem more "film school" related than Austin Community's do. Any help...

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