international students

  1. storyteller

    USC Scholarship

    Does anyone know when International Students receive feedback for the scholarship applications? I have to submit financial proof right now to receive my official letter and was wondering if I should wait a bit to see if I’ll get a scholarship
  2. HaylieC

    Film Producing at US & UK- NYFA, Goldsmiths, BU, AUB

    Hi everyone! As an international student trying to pursue a career in filmmaking (producing specifically), I am applying for several schools to attend this fall. I got offers from New York Film Academy (NYFA)- MA Producing Bournemouth Uni- MA Producing Film & Television London Film Academy-...
  3. Fernando González Ortiz

    MBA/MFA options

    Hi, I'm a filmmaker from Mexico and I'm currently looking into graduate opportunities for the Fall of 2019. I'm specially looking for MBA/MFA dual degrees. The reason behind this is that Mexico has a very rich film culture but the industry is still thriving and finding its way to become...
  4. Chopsuey

    Lodz Film School

    Hello everyone, I'm applying to Lodz Film School (international student), If you have any experience or tips for entrance exam and interviews please share it with me. Thanks a lot! :D
  5. Matt Ramphele

    Help me decide! NYU or USC for sitcom writer (Columbia pending)

    Hey Kids, so I'm a South African screenwriter (specialising in sitcom) and I have no idea what to pick! I have received a fellowship from NYU (full tuition) and I've received the George Lucas Scholarship from USC ($25 000 out of $60 000) and, as an international student, I only have six months...
  6. CloudedPage

    All Things Money

    Hi guys, Ok, so I can see that there's some drips of information dotted in the forum, but I'm really trying to get my head around this, and being an international student, I've found it hard to get solid information. Personally, I'm hoping to apply to USC and UCLA. I've been a uni student...
  7. CloudedPage

    Applying to Schools and Losing My Mind

    Hey there everyone, I'm an Australian Screenwriter, just finishing off the last two months of my honours in a bachelor of Creative Writing. There are so many options out there for film schools, and my brain is currently swimming in Lacanian psychoanalysis and its applications to narrative...
  8. K

    Grad or undergrad ? Scholarships !

    Hi there, I'm an international student searching for advice. My dream is getting involved in television as a screenwriter and to do so I want to apply to film schools in the US . I know there might be tons of discussions about what to choose between undergraduate and graduate education for...
  9. V

    Back to Film School

    Hey, This is for people who have revisited or plan to revisit film school after working in the industry for a few years. I completed a One year course in Direction from The Film & Television Institute of India (FTII) in 2009 and have been working in Mumbai ever since. I now wish to...
  10. O

    Scholarships for international students

    Hi everyone! I've applied to Columbia, USC and NYU MFA in film directing. Can anyone advise me some scholarships for international students???
  11. O

    required documents

    Hi everyone, Are there any required documents for International students in the applying process besides the ones mentioned on the website of the college (narrative statement, creative materials, recommendation letters,etc.)?