1. courteroy

    Advice Application Forms in the tracker database on this Site

    Hey guys, I'm sure that those of you that have applied to filmschool would have loved to have access to details on supplemental materials required, interview questions etc. when you were applying. I love that this site offers an area which is dedicated to just that but I'm noticing that most...
  2. sarahkwUT

    Applied LMU - Writing & Producing for TV - Fall 2020

    First time applying and don't think this is my strongest application of the 4 I submitted, but it's done and now I don't know what do do with myself without a mountain of material to go write after work. Happen to have strained ligaments in my hand (or something, TBD) - not the best time to have...
  3. JRome

    Denied Without Interview LMU Film and Television Production MFA Fall 2020

    Waitlisted: April 1, 2020
  4. andy001

    LMU Film and Television Production-Fall 2020 Official Thread

    Hey all! Decided to start a thread for LMU for next fall. Feel free to post anything regarding the application if you’ve applied or are in the process of applying. Best regards!
  5. justin

    LMU Application Status?

    Hello! Has anyone applied to LMU? I uploaded my materials to my portfolio and it states that "we have received the following submissions from you", however the application checklist is still listed as "optional" and does not have a green check mark. Does that mean they haven't received my...
  6. justin

    LMU Film Production Application Help!

    I'm currently working on my Film Production applications for LMU. I have only submitted my resume and visual supplement (the bare minimum). Does anyone recommend submitting extra work such photography and written composition etc? What exactly is a written composition? A short story? I need all...
  7. Chris W

    LMU Acceptance Rate & Minimum GPA for MFA Film Programs

    Thanks to the over 2,000 applications in our Application Tracker we can calculate the reported acceptance rate and minimum GPAs for LMU School of Film and Television...
  8. I

    Los Angeles Housing 2019

    Would really appreciate any tips and suggestions on where to look and where to steer clear! Personally, right now the only school I've heard back from is Loyola Marymount (MFA), but I'm still also waiting to hear from UCLA, so any input on housing for either school would be greatly appreciated...
  9. I

    How to ask for a commitment extension

    Is it okay to email the request or should it be done over the phone? Also, is it okay to flat out tell them I'm waiting to hear back from other schools I applied to? The LMU deadline to commit is this upcoming Tuesday and in recent conversations they've seemed forthcoming about the possibility...
  10. A

    Chapman MFA Film Production (Cinematography) vs. LMU MFA Film Production

    Hello everyone! I just got admission from both the programs. And I have done some research as below: Chapman: better facility, quieter and safer location (I'm not into nightlife), ranking seems to be higher, having a cinematography focus in the program which fits my interest. LMU: Lower...
  11. BuddernScotch

    LMU - comparable to UCLA for screenwriting?

    Hi everyone. My main question is in the title, specifically, is the collaboration and internship opportunities / acceptance rates at competitive shows/studios comparable to a more renowned school like UCLA? Or even AFI? I have had interviews with these three schools and LMU has already given...
  12. Z

    Admitted After Interview LMU Film/Television production

  13. sallygr4

    Attending Loyola Marymount MFA SFTV

  14. W

    LMU MFA Film Production

    Hey guys, I have been lurking on this site for a bit, and seeing that over the past 2 months people have been getting interviews and even accepted. I have received pure radio silence from LMU and even though I have confidence in my application, I'm worried this might be a sign of rejection...
  15. S

    Admitted After Interview LMU Film and TV Production MFA 2019

  16. S

    LMU - 2019 MFA Film Production

    Hi - I wanted to start this thread for the 2019 LMU Film Production MFA. I assume acceptance/rejection emails and letters will be sent out shortly. I also had my interview with two professors on February 6th. From what I have heard from these forums (and talking to one first-year Film...
  17. ptastan

    Attending LMU - Writing and Producing for TV Fall 2019

    first time applicant! attended the open house for LMU Grad School and absolutely loved the campus and everyone I met the faculty for SFTV at LMU were very warm and welcoming the new playa vista campus for SFTV is AMAZING
  18. I

    Admitted After Interview Loyola Marymount University - Film & Television Production 2019

    First time applying. I was notified via email of an invitation to interview and given a preference between two dates the following week. After confirming the interview I was told who my two interviewers would be and given the necessary link for the interview, which was to be held via the video...
  19. E

    Admitted Without Interview LMU - Writing and Producing for Television 2015

  20. LaGuionista

    Admitted Without Interview LMU - Film and Television 2015

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