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  1. BuddernScotch

    Virtual Learning at UCLA during COVID - Current Student AMA

    Hey all - current MFA Screenwriting student at UCLA. Chris suggested I do an AMA, so here it is. This may be a little late as the current year's new cohort has already been decided. But if there's anyone that has questions about how to make the best of this situation while we're here, as I've...
  2. Tiffin University Master of Humanties in Film Studies

    Tiffin University Master of Humanties in Film Studies

    ***THIS IS NOT A STUDIO/WORKSHOP/PRODUCTION based degree. This is purely academic 100% online*** Offered in a 15-week format with start dates in January, May and August This online course of study guides Tiffin University students through an in-depth exploration of significant film from the...
  3. T

    For HS Soph. - Seniors: One-on-one workshop with NYU Tisch Film instructors

    It's not cheap. It's all online and there's a Spring and Summer workshop. https://nofilmschool.com/tisch-high-school-filmmakers-workshop
  4. Drexel University

    Drexel University

    This one is a bit different and geared towards television and not film. I found an online Master of Science in Television Management from Drexel University. They also offer this degree in person at their campus in Philadelphia. The MS program takes a little over a year to complete. However, you...
  5. O

    UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting Online

    Greetings - I realize the cool kids are getting MFAs (yes, I'm jealous), but I would like to connect here with those doing the online screenwriting program starting September '13. Looking to compare notes during the year and whatnot.

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