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    Which schools have better sound design majors?

    Hello everyone, I am going to apply for the major of film and television production. Would you like to ask if this includes sound design? If so, which schools have better sound design majors?What are the requirements of these schools for the portfolio?
  2. Film And Television Institute of India

    Film And Television Institute of India

    FTII, Pune happens to be one of the, if not India's best film schools. It is situated in Pune which is 150kms away from Mumbai or the Hindi film industry. It also happens to be a major hub for regional Marathi films. The school offers 3 year-long MFA courses, 1-year certificate courses, and a...
  3. Sound Designer for film

    Free Sound Designer for film

    My name is Nicholas. A versatile and results-driven sound designer with over 10 years of experience in audio and music production, sound design, editing and mixing audio. I specialize in foley, crafting SFX and ambience, dialogue editing and mixing audio for films. I am currently looking for...
  4. OC Film School at Olympic College

    OC Film School at Olympic College

    OC Film School at Olympic College Applications accepted beginning December 15, 2021! Gone is the era of restrictive studio systems, which for decades controlled access and opportunity. In its place, communities of smaller independent production companies are taking hold and producing...
  5. HollsJ97

    Attending NFTS- MA Sound Design (Jan 2021)

    First time applying. Was successful after the interview to go onto the selection workshop with 16 other people. Managed to get one of the 10 spots!
  6. HollsJ97

    Attending NFTS MA Sound Design (Jan 2021)

    This is my first time applying for the course
  7. frank david

    Service Sound Designer For Film

    Hi, My name is Frank and I'm a creative sound designer with years of experience in the art of sound and composition. I create sound effects using a variety of recording and synthesis techniques for Film and Trailers. I compose original music in a wide variety of genres including Orchestral...
  8. A

    Canadian American Composer

    I would like to create music, score, sound design or interactive medium for students. I am trying to build on to my portfolio. For info if you are interested please reply to this post or email me below. I have some music online at my website. - I compose in all styles...
  9. I

    Editor; Vfx; Sound Mixer; Colorist and anything post production

    Each year the Easter Seals puts on a 55 hour disability film challenge and this year its April 3-5. The films have to be 3-5 minutes in length and last year there were 70 films from all around the world. Our film was seen over 7000 times on the two combined platforms (FB & Youtube). We are...
  10. M

    Admitted Without Interview Chapman - Film Production - Sound Design

    First time applying

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