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  1. Tsheff

    Directing MFA : NYU vs. Columbia

    I am now faced with a very difficult decision to choose between the directing MFA programs at NYU and Columbia. I am constructing my own research and spreadsheet, but I'd love to hear other perspectives. Please let me know what you think!
  2. B

    Housing in LA -UCLA -Graduate students

    Hi, everyone! I'm fairly new around here, but I have a few questions re: housing options in LA in case you can help me out? @Kira @girlalmighty @turburr, @IndecisiveElle I hope you don't mind my asking, but I've seen you post in a few UCLA threads, and I understand some of you are currently...
  3. zinala

    UNCSA Screenwriting Applicants 2018

    Have any of you interviewed yet? I don't see many on the spreadsheet. I have my interview this coming Monday, and I'm not too sure what to expect.
  4. D

    NYU Dramatic Writing MFA Fall 2018 (Acceptance, Rejection, Etc.)

    Haven't seen a thread around for the Dramatic Writing MFA! Does anyone know when we can expect to hear back? I know last year was around this time, but thought I'd see if anyone had new info. :)
  5. Ele

    UCLA Professional Program 2018 Screenwriting

    I know interview invites are still being sent out, but it might be worth having a new thread for those of us who are also considering the (much cheaper) PP program, to keep our spirits up and help each other out! ...If you need me I'll be here eating pretty much everything edible to make the...
  6. N

    LMU Film School Applications 2018

    Hello everyone, I thought that I would start a thread for all those that are planning on applying to LMU since the deadline is starting to get close. Anyone else that is active on this website also applying?
  7. A

    AFI Directing 2018

    Hey everyone I just thought it would be nice to have a place for the AFI directing 2018 hopefuls to communicate. I'm Ali a filmmaker living in LA for the past 11 years I sent my directing application in on November 1st and am anxiously waiting to hopefully be notified for an interview sometime...
  8. Paralylex

    2018 Columbia University MFA

    Hey guys, New to the site and yada yada... who is applying to U of C's MFA program?? Submitted my app on Thursday and am ridiculously excited and nervous. Anyone interested in sharing scripts/prompts/films? I didn't see any thread for this year, but it might be nice to talk with potential...
  9. S

    USC Peter Stark 2018 Fall applicants

    Hi Everyone! I know it's a little early but wanted to reach out and see if anyone was planning on applying to the USC Peter Stark program for fall of 2018?! I know I am and was wondering if anyone else was! I'm also thinking of applying to the UCLA one but USC would be the number one for sure. :)
  10. Siskata

    NFTS - 2018 Entry

    There's been a few exchanges re: NFTS 2018 submissions and entries on the 2017 entry thread, but I thought we could do with the specific thread for 2018, given that the interviewing process is about to commence. I submitted an application for the Editing MA and received an invitation for an...
  11. Cody

    USC MFA 2018 Spring Applications.

    I wanted to check and see if anyone here is applying for the 2018 spring semester at USC? If so has anyone started their application yet?

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