1. University of Chicago - Department of Cinema and Media Studies

    University of Chicago - Department of Cinema and Media Studies

    For more than a century, and across widely different cultures, film has been the primary medium for storytelling, for depicting and exploring the world, and for engaging and shaping the human senses and emotions, memory and imagination. We live in a time in which cinema, the theatrical...
  2. Ashris

    Interviewed Columbia College Chicago - Directing

  3. Operator

    Denied Without Interview DePaul University Fall 2019 Screenwriting

    Notified via email to log into application to see notification.
  4. Operator

    DePaul MFA in Screenwriting (Regular and Comedy)

    Figured I'd try this one even though I got into a school already. For what I want to do, this seems like a more appealing program, in regards to the comedy concentration.
  5. Operator

    Columbia College Chicago

    Anyone applying to this school for directing or creative producing?
  6. Operator

    Columbia Chicago

    I found out the deadline for the MFA in Creative Producing at Columbia College Chicago is March 31st, they must have extended it because I recall it being in January. I just applied. I didn't see a thread for anyone that applied so I decided I should create one.

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