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film production

  1. A

    Admitted After Interview CalArts - Directing/Film Production 2016

  2. bags

    Admitted After Interview AUB - Directing/Film Production 2016

  3. Rain

    Applied UT Austin - Film Production 2018

  4. R

    Denied Without Interview UT Austin - Film Production 2018

    First time applying
  5. N

    Denied Without Interview UT Austin - Film Production 2018

    Rejected last year as well
  6. Maymers

    Denied Without Interview UT Austin - Film Production 2018

    First time applying
  7. A

    Attending UT Austin - Film Production 2018

    First time applying
  8. BadouBoy

    Attending UT Austin - Film Production 2018

    First time applying. Admitted w/ fellowship
  9. thejosh

    Admitted Without Interview Syracuse - Radio, Television, and Film Production 2018

    First time applying
  10. Devy Chun(HEEMIN CHUN)

    Questions about film production! (+portfolio..!)

    Hi! I want to be a film producer. I'm preparing to study film production at graduate school in US. However I'm junior at university in Korea, and my major is computer engineering. Recently, I studied English hard and received 7.0 in my IELTS test. ( still I'm studying English..!! ) And I'm in...
  11. Jiaying Hu

    Anyone currently in MFA Film production program of UCLA?

    Hi! My name is Lil, and I'm a international MFA applicant for 2018 Fall. Now I'm having problems with choosing the film production or the screenwriting program of UCLA. I've heard the average age of UCLA's production MFA is 30. And they prefer people with relevant working experience. I'm in my...
  12. J

    Comparing between Confederation and Niagara

    I got acceptance letter from Confederation and hope will get from Niagara in Next Month. These college offers 2 Years Diploma film Production and 3 years advanced diploma film production respectively. Can anyone know which one would be better ? Is their any current or graduate student know about...
  13. Just_Me

    Introductions Hello from West Texas - 50 yrs old and applying for my MFA...

    Hi y'all. I'm new to this, and thankful that I found this group! Brief background - I'm a former broadcast journalist (10 years - reporter, producer, evening news anchor... Won a couple of awards..) When I was getting my BA in Communication Deisgn/Media Arts in CA, my 3 children were little...
  14. danieldrummond

    Chapman MFA Film Production - Fall 2016

    Hi all! Thought I'd create this thread for those attending or thinking of attending Chapman's Film Production program in Fall 2016. I actually graduated from Chapman's Digital Arts undergraduate program a few years ago (albeit I was originally in Screenwriting), and am returning there for my...
  15. L

    UT Austin MFA 2016

    Has anyone else applied? Production or Screenwriting? Thoughts/concerns about the application process? Any current students with advice or thoughts on the program and/or the city? Good luck to everyone!
  16. University of Central Arkansas

    University of Central Arkansas

    MFA Program The M.F.A. program is a three-year, full-time, highly structured program. Students complete two years of full time course work before they begin the thesis project in the third year. MFA Highlights One of the lowest tuition rates in the country for both in-state and out-of-state...

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