film production

  1. jn0pe

    Chapman (Editing) vs FSU

    Hi! I'm trying to decide between film production MFA programs. I was accepted into Chapman's program in the editing emphasis track, and the other place I've narrowed my options down to is FSU. I don't really have much filmmaking experience, but I am interested in both editing and directing. From...
  2. Lillianlyu

    Waitlisted After Interview USC - Film and Television Production MFA 2020

    The interview went well and lasted about 50 mins, I got waitlisted 4PM PST!! I'm so thrilled, congratulations to all the fellows who got in and waitlisted! See you guys in 2021 spring in LA!
  3. jn0pe

    American University Film & Media Production MA/MFA 2020

    Just got my MA program acceptance! Anybody else here considering going to American? Apart from one review on this site, I haven't seen too much information about it. I'd also be curious to hear thoughts from anyone who's attended or visited.
  4. sydney

    Applied UT Austin — Film Production MFA Fall 2020

    This is my first time applying. Application process was not exactly smooth sailing. It's always fun when your last letter of recommendation stops answering your emails a couple days before your application's due! Everything did end up getting turned in on time, but it may have shaved five years...
  5. jn0pe

    Waitlisted After Interview Columbia - Production MFA - Fall 2020

    Placed on waitlist on April 6
  6. X

    Applied NYU Grad film 2019

  7. I

    Waitlisted After Interview UCLA - Production/Directing 2019

    First time applying. I also applied for their Graduate Opportunity Fellowship Program. This was the first application due from the schools I applied to for Fall 2019. Interestingly, there was no requirement to submit a visual sample, only a statement of purpose, short film treatment, and...

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