new york film academy

  1. HaylieC

    Film Producing at US & UK- NYFA, Goldsmiths, BU, AUB

    Hi everyone! As an international student trying to pursue a career in filmmaking (producing specifically), I am applying for several schools to attend this fall. I got offers from New York Film Academy (NYFA)- MA Producing Bournemouth Uni- MA Producing Film & Television London Film Academy-...
  2. D

    New York Film Academy ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

    Hey everybody, first of all, this is not a thread on weather or not to go to film school. I have made the decision to go (basically to make as much stuff as possible without having to call up friends or shooting my dog etc)... and yes, i know that this is a thing that have been touched upon...
  3. D

    I have a $3850 NY Film Academy Tuition credit for sale!

    Hello everyone! I have a $3850 credit with the New York Film Academy that I would like to sell. I was in a workshop summer of 2011 from which I had to leave early, thus I have the credit. It's good for 5 years they told me (through 2016). If there's anyone out there going to NYFA or applying...
  4. I

    New York Film Academy -Screenwriting

    ..I posted this first in "applying to Film School", but it fits better here I've heard some good things and some not-so-good things about New York Film Academy.. But I have heard nothing about their screenwriting program. It looks good on their website but has anyone attended it? either the...
  5. M

    NYFA reviews?

    So does anyone know where New York Film Academy ranks against schools like USC, NYU, etc? I would love to study at their London school.