1. NLegger

    Choosing a film school as an F-1 Student

    I'm an international student that just graduated from UTampa. Unfortunately, due to Visa complications that I had during my last semester in undergrad, I was a little late to the school application game. That being said, I still rounded up a bunch of schools that were still taking applicants and...
  2. G

    Help with personal statement!

    Hi there folks! I'm applying for the USC Summer Program in Cinematic Arts, which asks for a personal statement with a 500 word limit. As I'm from the UK, typically I'm not naturally very aware about how personal statements are written in the US. Stylistically, my impression is that they require...
  3. zinala

    Film School MFA - Your top choice for Fall 2018?

    Ideally, where will you be? I've applied to AFI, Emerson, and UNCSA. All for screenwriting. Really hoping for AFI, but I'd be thrilled to attend Emerson or UNCSA. What about you?