stark producing program

  1. M

    Who should I reach out to for USC Stark application?

    Hi all, I am applying to the Stark Program for next fall, and I was wondering if there is a specific person I can reach out to so that I can further express my interest. I have read that Michael Lane is a part of the process and that he contacts admitted students, is he a good person to email...
  2. Chris W

    USC School of Cinematic Arts - Stark Producing Program 2020

    Deadline is November 15th Who's applying this year? From the site: The Peter Stark Program is highly selective, accepting 24 students out of an average of about 250 applicants each year. Personal statement: Answer the...
  3. Z

    Admitted After Interview USC - Peter Stark Producing Program - FA 2019

  4. divmoh247

    USC Peter Stark Program Fall 2019 Entry

    Hi all! I didn't see a thread for the most recent group of applicants (that is this year) for Stark so I thought I would start one. If there's already an existing thread for people applying this year, could you please link it? Are there any people applying fall of 2018 to enter next year...
  5. M

    Can I schedule an appointment for interview of Stark Producing Program now?

    Will I still have the chance to schedule an appointment for the interview now? Will there be too much people applying already and the school cannot accommodate me? Please give me some advices! Thank you!

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