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united kingdom

  1. A

    What are the differences between an MFA and an MA in film directing in the UK and are there better options?

    I would be done with my undergraduate degree a year from now and i plan to move to the UK as an international student to do an Masters in film directing through a scholarship. My intention to do this is not to get any connections from the film school but more so because I want to be surrounded...
  2. ak47ksha

    Denied Without Interview NFTS - MA Cinematography 2020

  3. Rob

    NEW UK Government Postgraduate Loans Scheme

    Well it looks like in 2016/17 a new post graduate loan scheme will be available to students with a 2.1 or higher and under the age of 30. I'm 28 now and I've been offered an unconditional offer to study at NFTS in January 2016. It would be great if I'm eligible for this scheme considering that I...

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