afi 2020

  1. M

    Applied AFI 2020 Screenwriting

  2. M

    Is it worth to apply for an MFA to US based schools this year?

    I am 28 years old, and already a professional screenwriter in my home country. I always wanted to go to grad school in the States, but because of work and financial constraints, I couldn't make it. I am wondering if I am too old to apply now, because I'll be 29 by the time I go. The whole reason...
  3. H

    AFI Intellectual Property Agreement concerns

    Hi, I am concerned about the AFI intellectual property agreement. Is anyone else having concerns? Are there any alums who have run into issues, or worked any way out with the school of attaining rights if someone wanted to buy, say, a script? Thanks!
  4. C

    Admitted (Off Waitlist After Interview) AFI - Screenwriting 2020

    Interviewed via Skype. Notify of being on the waitlist 13, March, 2020. Notify of being admitted off wait list, 2, April, 2020.
  5. C

    MFA PRODUCING @ USC Stark VS AFI Conservatory?

    Hi! Two very different schools in their approach to teaching Producing. How would you choose? AFI Conservatory has a lot of focus on the actual production process, making 3 films a year in teams of 6 across disciplines. I like the hands-on Creative approach. USC Stark is less focused on...
  6. hkaiser

    Chapman Dodge vs AFI for Production Design

    Last summer, I visited both AFI and Chapman Dodge. I recently got accepted to both of these schools for Production Design. I am currently finishing up my undergraduate degree in New York for Interior Design. I liked AFI for its convenient location of being in Los Angeles, and it also being a...
  7. lulalalulala

    Denied (w/o Interview) AFI - Directing

    Because my TOEFL score didn't reach 100, the admission office told me that they couldn't process my application. My new score came out just 2 or 3 days after the deadline, but they still refused. However, I had already paid the application fee. so, do test as soon as possible
  8. bettscampo

    Admitted (Off Waitlist After Interview) AFI - Cinematography 2020

  9. dmaria

    Admitted (After Interview) AFI - Producing Fall 2020

  10. Leo86

    Admitted (After Interview) AFI CINEMATOGRAPHY FALL 2020

    First time applying! Looking forward to the process!
  11. MissSophie


    Describe why you made the moving image project in #1 and the lesson(s) you learned from making it (one page maximum). Describe why you made the moving image project in #2 and the lesson(s) you learned from making it (one page maximum). Hi Everyone, I'm applying for the Directing program at AFI...
  12. Chris W

    AFI Directing 2020 "A Secret"

    AFI's application info for Directing had been released: Directing applicants are required to submit the following: Submit an example of a moving image project that you have personally directed and that best demonstrates individual talent and ability. You may submit the best 10 continuous...
  13. Leo86

    AFI Cinematography 2020

    Anyone out there who has started the application process for the Cinematography program fall 2020?
  14. Leo86

    How many applicants are there for the Cinematography course at AFI?

    Does anyone know approximately how many applications AFI receive for the Cinematography course at AFI? And how many of those are picked out for interview?

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