1. M

    Interviewed Columbia College Chicago - Cinema and Television Producing

    Applied on January 6th and didn't hear from them until they contacted me for an interview a month later.
  2. zarazee

    Applied MA in Cinema Studies - NYU

  3. triplefour

    Waitlisted Without Interview SFSU - MFA in Cinema Fall 2020

  4. TingYu

    Admitted Off Waitlist SFSU - Cinema 2017

  5. TingYu

    Admitted Without Interview DePaul - Cinema 2017

    Unofficial Email from Chair
  6. M

    Admitted Without Interview SFSU - Cinema 2018

    First time
  7. Cindy Yu

    Admitted Off Waitlist SFSU - Cinema 2018

    First time applying
  8. Chris W

    Icebreakers When was the moment you realized that you wanted to make films?

    For me it was probably watching the original Star Wars as a kid in the early eighties that first sparked my interest in film. (I was only 2 when the first one came out... the only one I got to see in the theater was Jedi). My father also had a Super 8 camera and I used to enjoy shooting with...

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