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film schools

  1. Siddharth Menon

    Direction - MFA / MA - Looking at FSU, Toronto, Prague , Australia and other options. Help! :)

    Hey Guys! First off, I'm a complete newbie and this is kind of my first post here. I've recently quit the corporate world and have decided to take the plunge into the big, bold (and supposedly bad :) ) world of films and showbiz. My undergrad is from India in Commerce and I was working in...
  2. J

    Comparing between Confederation and Niagara

    I got acceptance letter from Confederation and hope will get from Niagara in Next Month. These college offers 2 Years Diploma film Production and 3 years advanced diploma film production respectively. Can anyone know which one would be better ? Is their any current or graduate student know about...
  3. M

    One month intensive filmmaking course ?

    Hey, I want to apply to a one month intensive filmmaking certificate in London. So far I saw the one at the Central film school and at the London film academy. I wonder if anybody has any advice about them or if you know any other similar courses in London (or even in any other place) I'll...
  4. Chris W

    Introducing Film School Reviews on FilmSchool.org!

    I'm pleased to announce the new Film School Review system on FilmSchool.org. There are only a handful of schools listed right now but more will be coming soon. There's a ton of information to enter so it's taking a while to enter the information. Some of the great features: A complete listing...
  5. emmypadge

    Hands-On Experience

    I understand a lot of schools like NYU and others don't really have students doing hands-on work with real equipment and actually making things until, like, junior year, while others like UNCSA have you working right from the get-go. For those who have experience with any school like this - what...

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