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  1. courteroy

    Submit multiple Applications to different USC film programs?

    Do you guys know if when applying for USC grad school, you're allowed to apply to more than one discipline or do you have to choose ONE? Come Fall, I'd like to apply to the producing program AND tv writing program. If this isn't an option, I'd love to know now so I can figure out which route to...
  2. D

    UCLA MFA Production/Directing Application Resume/CV

    Hello All I'm applying for UCLA's MFA in Producing/Directing program. In the application, there is a section to upload your Resume/CV. Is this asking for a creative or professional resume? While I do have background in working on independent shorts in various roles, it is separate from my...
  3. M

    Accepted to NYU - Dramatic Writing AMA (Ask Me Anything)

    Currently accepted to NYU - Dramatic Writing MFA and attending in the Fall. All questions welcome! Best, P
  4. Cody

    USC MFA 2018 Spring Applications.

    I wanted to check and see if anyone here is applying for the 2018 spring semester at USC? If so has anyone started their application yet?
  5. Patrick Clement

    An "interesting" experience with UT Austin

    I wanted to share a short, somewhat fascinating, story with everyone about my application process with the University of Texas at Austin. Just to get this out of the way, I applied to many schools, had interviews and ultimately decided on Columbia. This isn't "sour grapes" by any means. If...
  6. M

    advice on schools

    I am 34 and i am thinking about going to grad school to get my MFA in screenwriting. I graduated fall 2013 from a school in northern california with a degree in film studies so internships, there were none. I wanna be able to teach that is my reason to go back to school and if i sell a script...
  7. J

    UCLA MFA application procedures

    Could someone clarify this for me? The UCLA Screenwriting MFAApplication procedures says to both UPLOAD and MAIL the departmental application along with the statement of purpose and writing samples. Is it just me or does this seem rather strange? I'm mostly concerned because I'm living abroad...

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