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mfa film school

  1. Q

    Columbia Treatment Format: Act Breakdown

    Hi friends! Finalizing my Columbia MFA Application and had a question about treatment format. Are people breaking down the three act structure in their treatments? In other words, are you specifying "Act One:" followed by the plot points of that act, then "Act Two:" etc? Or are you just doing...
  2. R

    Ohio University MFA

    Hello everybody, I've been struggling to zero-in on a good film school. I found the Ohio University's Film School very appealing for various reasons: 1) It's light on the pocket. 2) Good facilities. Great program. Especially given the tuition fee, I think it's great value for money. 3) The...
  3. Chris W

    Icebreakers Why are you applying to Film School?

    So why are you applying to film school this year? What made you decide to finally make the push? I've also noticed that some of applications in the Application Tracker list a film related Undergraduate degree. If that's the case for you why did you decide to apply to graduate school for film as...

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