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  1. thatchitowndude

    Admitted Without Interview NYU - Film & TV Production (BA - Undergrad)

    12/1/2020 First time applying. Applied regular decision AND opted out of submitting test scores. 1/14/2020 Received email to complete survey about "how I made the decision to apply to NYU." 3/2/2020 Received email about "Checking in on your application to NYU" asking to let them know if I've...
  2. B

    Current NYU Tisch Graduate Film Student - AMA!

    Hi folks, good luck to everyone applying this year. Just wrapped up my first semester. AMA. All in all, amazing experience. I know these next ~2 months can be a waiting game and quite excruciating but take this time to just relax, maybe get a little writing done here and there, wrap up any...
  3. B

    NYU Grad Film vs. UCLA Production/Directing

    Hey all, I'm in the process of choosing between NYU Grad Film and UCLA Production/Directing. I've decided to list a few pros/cons off the top of my head. Probably a few things I'm missing but overall, it's one of those situations where my head says UCLA but my heart says NYU. Or maybe not, I...
  4. M

    NYU Graduate Film 2019

    Hello! Anyone applying to NYU Graduate Film this year? Do you know when the online application will be available?
  5. NYU - Tisch Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing

    NYU - Tisch Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing

    The Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing trains students in the three mediums of dramatic writing: theater, film and television. It is the mission of the department to teach students the basics of dramatic storytelling while preparing them for their futures as professional writers.
  6. NYU - Tisch Kanbar Institute of Film and Television (M.F.A.)

    NYU - Tisch Kanbar Institute of Film and Television (M.F.A.)

    The Graduate Film program is an intensive three-year conservatory in the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television that trains students in the art of cinematic storytelling. We focus on helping writer/directors develop a narrative voice and the technical virtuosity to express that voice in...
  7. O

    Scholarships for international students

    Hi everyone! I've applied to Columbia, USC and NYU MFA in film directing. Can anyone advise me some scholarships for international students???

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